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LORA Course


The aim of this course is to provide an understanding of what Level of Repair Analysis (LORA) is, where it fits within the LSA, the methodology behind a LORA, planning, conduct apply the principles of LORA as well as applying practical exercises utilising LORA software. The course will also introduce students to the relevant standards and terminology.

This course uses the LES developed LORA Software as the working tool for LORA. Nominees for this course should be aware that although the LES LORA application (eLORA) is used, the underpinning knowledge that will be gained is essentially the same for all LORA activities.

Course Content

The course includes:

  • understanding the concepts behind a MIL-STD 1390D Level Of Repair Analysis (LORA)
  • understanding the methodology used by the BAE LORA model
  • Competently using the LES eLORA software to:
    • understand the relationship to eMRD
    • move and delete data elements from the eLORA database
    • add and copy from the eLORA database
    • edit item elements within the eLORA database
    • add economic data
    • add non-economic supporting statements
    • provide reports for the item under analyses
    • use the sensitivity analysis function


The target audience for this module includes the following broad categories of personnel:

  • design staff
  • engineering staff
  • maintenance planners
  • logistic engineers
  • logistic support analysts