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Logistic Support Services Overview

The focus of the "integrated" logistics concept, is on managing information in "as close to real time" as possible; conducting life cycle analysis using reliable source data; and distributing Logistic Support Analysis data outputs effectively to influence and enhance supportability. The cost of obtaining reliable data and accounting for client requirements in terms of format, content, security requirements, mandates careful management to realise the return on investment in ILS, especially for major projects.

At LES we understand the importance of ensuring that your project is supported throughout the capability life cycle. That is why we have experts who understand the essential elements of ILS to ensure that we can assist you in delivering longer-lasting systems, cost less to support and ultimately increases investment returns. We help to identify the supportability factors that are crucial to mission success at an early stage, using a life-cycle-based approach, thereby ensuring that these factors are appropriately considered and implemented during system acquisition and operation. Ultimately the cost of obtaining and managing data must be outweighed by increased availability, reduced cost of operations and reduced cost of support.

LES has supported well over 500 projects involving numerous elements of Integrated Logistics Support from small to large scale projects across defence and commercial industries. Therefore, we have gained the necessary experience to meet your ILS requirements no matter how large or small the project.