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eMRD Basic Users Course


The aim of this 3.5 day course is to provide an understanding of the LES eMRD Software application, including LSAR construction, loading, exporting and Adhoc reports. The course will also provide practical demonstrations using the eMRD Software on LES Training laptops.

Course Content

The course includes:

  • eMRD Overview
  • LCN Creation
  • FMECA/RCM Data Entry
  • Task Creation
  • Servicing Creation
  • Data Validations and Checks
  • Production of Reports

Personnel should also be reasonably conversant with DEF(AUST) 5691, DEF(AUST) 5692, the ADO Logistic Manual and AAP7001.038 MRD Manual.


This course is designed for LSAR Data practitioners (eMRD Users) and Data System Managers to gain a working understanding of the LES eMRD Software application.