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eMRD Companion


electronic Maintenance Requirements Determination Companion


eMRD Companion is a LSAR comparison tool which uses either a MS Access or SQL Server back end database.

We recommend the use of SQL Server as this application saves 3+ instances of one LSAR. The reason for this is:

  • The first instance is the Baseline LSAR (or first LSAR)
  • The second instance is the Compare LSAR (the LSAR you will compare to the baseline)
  • The third instance (LSAR+) is the set of tables that stores the comparison results.

Many large LSARs will exceed the physical limitations of an Access backend when used in eMRD Companion.

eMRD Companion licensing is set up so that it can be purchased as a stand alone application and can also be provided for free when eMRD is purchased. When purchased with eMRD there is no need for a separate license key.


Here is an overview of the functionality of eMRD Companion:

  1. Import a baseline LSAR
  2. Import a Compare LSAR
  3. Compare Baseline to Compare
  4. Migrate a Compare to Baseline (and visa versa)
  5. Store a description about the compare scenario, the baseline database and the compare database
  6. View comparison results through the following mediums:
    • The ‘At a Glance’ tab where the user can view the difference between two LSARs in the application by table via individual records. The user can filter by Adds, Deletes and Changes.
    • Reports categorised by table, LCN, Part, servicing, Adds, Deletes, Changes, Summary
    • Ability to set an LSAR data selection sheet then only view changes to those data elements

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