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Jul 252013

Hello all – welcome  to the Logistic Engineering Services Pty Ltd Software Blog and New Site. If this is your first visit to our blog site have a look here to see what this site is all about.

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Sep 222017

We hope this post clarifies and addresses some questions with regards to the v4 License Key and ADUMS. The use of the new license key is mandatory for v4.0.0. The use of ADUMS is optional. By default, ADUMS is not enabled. The previous SQL server authentication methods (Mixed-Mode Authentication and SQL Server Authentication) are still available [Read more …]

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Sep 132017

We have released Version 4.0.0 for the entire LES Suite of Applications on Issue-Tracker. Along with some enhancements and bug fixes to the software, Version 4.0.0 has some major changes to: New Licensing Mechanism Version 4 implements a new licensing mechanism that requires a new license key. Please contact us to obtain your new license [Read more …]

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Oct 032016

We recently released an updated version of eMRD Companion (version 3.3.1). The main reason for this release was to ensure alignment with eMRD’s recent updates to application supporting meta data. We also took the opportunity to make some other minor changes to ensure compatibility with DEF(AUST)5692 Issue 2.  Have a look here for a complete [Read more …]

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Aug 252016

We mentioned in the Release Notice for eMRD V3.4.1 that eMRD now has Graphical Querying Capability. We also promised a post describing this capability – so here it is! For some time, eMRD has had the capability to write, store and run ad hoc queries, but you needed to have considerable SQL writing expertise to [Read more …]

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