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November 2010

LES Provides Support to Victoria Police Search & Rescue Dive Team

LES, a member of the Victoria Police Project Management Support Services Panel, has been selected to develop a design specification and supporting tender brief for the Victoria Police Search & Rescue Diving Support Truck Pod. The pod will be mated to a commercially available flatbed vehicle and will provide storage for dive and associated equipment as well as operational support facilities to the Search & Rescue Dive Team members.

LES Contributes to Mercedes Project Overlander Contract

Mercedes Benz has begun delivery of the ADF's new G Wagon under Project Overlander which will see Mercedes provide 1,200 G Wagens in a variety of configurations over the next five years. LES successfully quoted and won a contract with Mercedes Benz Australia / Pacific Pty Ltd to develop a variety of logistic plans and engineering reports to support the G Wagon ILS program. The documents developed included the Supply Support Plan, Maintenance Management Plan, Task Inventory Report, Task Resources Report, Task Procedures Report and Task Personnel Competency Report.

LES and PSMC Win C130J Phased Servicing Improvement Project Phase2

LES and PS Management Consultants (PSMC) recently tendered for and won, RFQTS 5752 C130J Phased Servicing Improvement Project (PSIP) Phase 2, with LES named as the subcontractor to complete the scope of work.

The C130J Phased Servicing Improvement Project (PSIP) is a key element in Air Lift Group (ALG) and Air Lift Systems Program Office's (ALSPO) Airlift Mobility Improvement Program (AMIP). Its aim is to review the current C130J Phased Servicing Schedule (PSS) philosophy in comparison to industry standards / Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) recommendations and to identify and implement a more efficient approach in order to improve capability with no negative impact upon airworthiness, which may involve:

  • reducing the number of aircraft phased servicing visits,
  • decreasing the physical supply pool demand, and
  • delivering an improvement in aircraft Operational Availability (Ao).

Phase 2 of the project involves the evaluation of opportunities and development of options and associated business case to support funding approval for project implementation.

October 2010

LES Wins RPIL Contract for Klinge Corporation Refrigerated Container Systems

Klinge Corporation will provide a minimum of 185 refrigerated military container systems (combination of 10ft containers and 20ft containers) and 1500 collapsible food storage bins to the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

LES secured a very competitive contract with Klinge to provide the Repair Parts Identification List (RPIL) for the 10ft and 20ft Container Systems. These reliable ruggedized container systems are diesel engine driven, electrical generator powered units that provide high capacity refrigeration under the extreme conditions that they will be employed in use in the Australian Defence Force.

Klinge Containers

Founded in 1984 as a spin-off of the Transport Refrigeration Equipment department of York International, Klinge has been producing refrigeration units at its manufacturing facilities and headquarters in York, Pennsylvania, USA (with sales offices and workshops in Denmark and Egypt) for over 25 years.

September 2010

LES and Nova Defence Provide Design Acceptance and Technical Documentation Support to Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO)

LES have teamed with NOVA Defence to provide Design Acceptance and technical documentation support to the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO). The contract will run for a 6 month period and provides quality engineering and ILS documentation to Armament Systems Program Office (ARMTSPO). This follows a successful teaming in 2009 that saw Design Acceptance documentation produced for ARMTSPO on products introduced through the rapid acquisition process.

May 2010

LES Delivers Final Super Hornet Products

LES and ASHPO - F/A-18F Official Arrival Ceremony

LES has received acceptance from the Australian Super Hornet Project Office (ASHPO) for its last two deliveries under Phases 1 & 2 of the Logistic Support Analysis (LSA) project for the AF/A-18F Australian Super Hornet.

The acceptance draws to a close a very successful project, which culminated in the award of the Australian Defence Magazine/Defence Materiel Organisation's Essington Lewis Trophy for Excellence in Collaboration between the DMO and a SME in 2009, along with two others for Excellence in the Rapid Acquisition Category and Outstanding Achievement in Major Acquisition (see Awards).

The deliveries were made on time and within budget, as were the previous deliveries for the project, which included:

  1. The development of the Bridging Air Combat Capability (BACC) Logistic Support Analysis Program Plan (LSAPP) developed in conjunction with ASHPO.
  2. The development from scratch of the AF/A-18F Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Weapon System Database (WSDB).
  3. The conversion of the United States Navy (USN) A/FA-18F Logistic Support Analysis Record (LSAR) to a RAAF AF/A-18F WSDB compliant with DEF(AUST)5692 requirements. The conversion included the integration of a number of USN A/FA-18F LSAR updates into the WSDB as the project matured.
  4. The development of elements of the RAAF Australian Air Publications (AAP) for the AF/A-18F Air Vehicle and GSE, including the Flightline Servicing Manual, Technical Maintenance Plan (TMP) and Planned Servicing Schedule (PSS); based on the existing USN maintenance policy, RAAF specific requirements and OEM source data. This included drafting the illustrations for the Work Area Code descriptions.
  5. Provision of assistance during the seeding of the RAAF Computer Aided Maintenance Management 2 (CAMM2) application with AF/A-18F aircraft configuration data and maintenance policy.
  6. The development of Australian Defence Aviation Authorised Spare System (ADAASS) data sets for the AF/A-18F Air Vehicle and associated GSE.
  7. The partial development of the Electro-Optical Consolidated and Automated Support System (EOCASS) WSDB.
  8. The identification of Independent Maintenance Inspection (IMI) requirements for the AF/A-18F Air Vehicle based on the Maintenance Tasks and associated sub-tasks contained within the AF/A-18F EFRAAF 09_2 Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM).
  9. The development and population of an Aircraft Asset Data Database to facilitate the loading of AF/A-18F Aircraft Asset Data into the CAMM2 application for Air Vehicles 201 through 207.
  10. Providing support services to ASHPO during the transition of AF/A-18F LSA products from ASHPO to the Aircraft Sustainment Contractors (ASC).
April 2010

Green Light to Begin AEW&C ADAASS Phase 2

Logistic Engineering Services Pty Ltd (LES) has been given the green light to commence work on Phase 2 of the Wedgetail Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) Australian Defence Aviation Authorised Spares System (ADAASS). LES was last year awarded a contract by the Airborne Early Warning & Control System Program Office (AEWCSPO) via the Defence Materiel Organisation Support Services (DMOSS) panel, to create the ADAASS data sets for the Wedgetail AEW&C aircraft and successfully delivered Phase 1 of the project on budget and ahead of schedule. Phase 2 is well under way and is scheduled for delivery in June 2010.

LES Provide Technical Documentation to Veldeman Australia

LES has won a contract with Veldeman Australia to develop the Illustrated Parts Book (IPB) and Operations Manual in AAP format for the Deployable Aircraft Maintenance and Logistic Support Hanger (DAMALSH). LES was selected because of our knowledge and expertise in developing technical documentation to Defence standards. The DAMALSH is a mobile shelter designed to be deployed and operated world-wide under extreme climatic conditions, incorporating, an aluminium arched frame, cable wind bracing system, and tensioned weatherproof fabric. It measures approx. 30m long X 21m wide x 8m high, with full span "Big Mouth" doors at each end allowing straight through, full width/height access. The shelter does not need a foundation and may be erected on either a "natural" site, or concrete by a team of 8 personnel in approximately 32 hours.

LES Provide Specialist LSA Support to BAE Systems P3C CAP 1 Project

LES is currently providing specialist Logistic Support Analysis personnel in support of Project Air 5276 CAP1 to develop the LSAR inputs to the P3 Weapon System Database (WSDB). LES project personnel will perform task analysis on identified candidate items, define resource packages and populate data packs ready for transfer to the P3 WSDB. Project Air 5276 CAP1(part of the AP-3C Capability Assurance Program) will equip the P3 Orion fleet with electro optic/infra red sensor systems, high rate-data communication systems (Tactical Common Data Link) and a replacement video recorder system. CAP1 has been developed in partnership with the P3 Accord which is an alliance between the Defence Materiel Organisation, BAE Systems Australia and Australian Aerospace Limited.

LES Wins DMO Contract to Provide Technical Writing Skills to CSSPO

Logistic Engineering Services Pty Ltd (LES) has been awarded a contract by the Combat Support Systems Program Office (CSSPO) via the Defence Materiel Organisation Support Services (DMOSS) panel, to provide Technical Writers for Technical Data Remediation. Services include the review, verification and or rewriting of ILS Documentation including Repair Parts Identification List (RPIL), Repair Part Scale (RPS), Complete Equipment Schedule (CES) Lists and various Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Instruction (EMEI). LES has extensive experience in the development, delivery and review of all ILS products for both acquisition projects and in-service organisations.

LES Supports SEM Fire & Rescue Pty Ltd With Delivery of ILS Documentation

Logistic Engineering Services Pty Ltd (LES) has been awarded a contract by SEM FIRE & RESCUE PTY LTD to supply ILS documentation in support of the Commonwealth acquisition of Rural Fire Tenders. The project, managed by Combat Support Vehicle Systems Program Office (CSVSPO), sees the acquisition by the Commonwealth of fourteen 3,000 Litre Rural Fire Tenders equipped with a range of rescue equipment. LES will supply the ILS elements of the Commonwealth Contract. Services include the drafting of the vehicle Complete Equipment Schedule (CES) complete with the associated Codification Data, various ILS plans including the Integrated Support Plan and the Technical Data Plan and Technical Data List, and the User Handbook for the Fire Fighting System. LES will also design, develop and deliver the Training Package to be delivered to the Defence Fire Fighters in support of vehicle introduction. LES is well placed to complete the project with the recent successful completion of similar ILS packages for the Steelbro Sidelifter Trailer project.

February 2010

Australian Defence Magazine (ADM) Awards

Essington Lewis Trophy

ASHPO and LES win The Essington Lewis Trophy for Excellence in Collaboration between the DMO and a SME in 2009. The citation states:

As a team you have consistently provided exceedingly high quality products ahead of time in an environment of tight production deadlines. You have partnered together, and with other Super Hornet stakeholders both here and in the US, to develop these essential Super Hornet maintenance products and proactively addressed emergent challenges. Your customer engagement and dedication to supporting the introduction of the Super Hornet capability to Australia has been exemplary.

LES and ASHPO were also awarded The 2009 DMO/Industry Team of the Year Award for Excellence in the Rapid Acquisition Category. The citation states:

For your rapid development of the Super Hornet Logistic Support Analysis database and associated maintenance documentation including Technical Maintenance Plans, Planned Servicing Schedules, authorised spares listings and the initial loading of the Air Force's Computer Aided Maintenance Management System. Your outstanding efforts have ensured that Air Force will be able to maintain the new fleet of Super Hornet aircraft upon their introduction into service in March 2010.

In addition they jointly received The 2009 DMO/Industry Team of the Year Award for Outstanding Achievement in Major Acquisition. The citation states:

For bringing that magic 'X' factor to the implementation of this very significant project at an extraordinary pace. Key to the timely introduction of the Super Hornet aircraft into ADF service has been the partnership forged between you. That extraordinary partnership featured a structured and collaborative approach, a focus on risk management, and above all, a focus on timely outcomes. The ability of the RAAF to operate the fleet of Super Hornet aircraft on arrival in Australia on the 23 March 2010 will be in large part due to the quality of the collaboration between you.

LES would like to take this opportunity to thank ASHPO for actively contributing to the environment that forged such a successful and on-going partnership, and the ADM and DMO for the recognition of our joint efforts during 2009.