Training Course Announcement

2022 Public Integrated Logistics Support Practitioner Course
Monday 21st to Thursday 24th February 2022

Logistic Engineering Services Pty Ltd (LES)

LES COVID-19 Update

Logistic Engineering Services (LES) is continuing to monitor the latest updates and information regarding the COVID-19 situation and, in line with current guidance we are continuing with our operations. Importantly, LES will continue to work with our clients to ensure that wherever possible, the impacts of COVID-19 do not affect the outcomes that we are committed to providing.

LES has implemented its own internal COVID-19 employee policy and this is continually being reviewed and updated based on the national response to COVID-19.

Please refer to the linked PDF document below for additional information.

Welcome to LES

LES is a Consulting and Professional Service Provider (PSP) that specialises in the development and delivery of Integrated Logistics Support services and training.

Our broad experience base allows the flexibility to take on assignments where a diverse set of skills or high resource levels are required. A network of experienced Logistic Analysts, Engineers, Programmers and Technical personnel enhances the flexibility of the company in providing solutions to management, engineering maintenance, logistics and training needs.

The experience and continuous professional development of LES consultants, project managers, analysts and engineers have enabled LES to become one of Australia’s premier Integrated Logistics contractors.

Why Choose LES?

On Time, On Budget

LES takes pride in its history of providing solutions on time and on budget.

Excellent Track Record

LES staff has an excellent record of becoming part of the customer’s team, sharing ownership of their tasks and achieving the best results for the customer.

Continual Improvement

Our internal training program ensures members of staff are kept up-to-date.