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Integrated Logistics Support Practitioner Course

LES announces dates for the 2024 ONLINE Public Integrated Logistics Support Practitioner Course.

Course 1: February 19th-22nd - Registration Closed
Course 2: June 24th-27th - Registration Closed
Course 3: October 28th-31st


The course focuses on the principles of conducting Integrated Logistic/Product Support (ILS/IPS) throughout the Materiel Product Life Cycle (PLC) and is aimed at providing students with a first principles overview of ILS/IPS. This understanding will enable students to work in a collaborative Logistic Support and Engineering environment in both Materiel acquisition and sustainment programs.

Students are guided through the concepts of ILS at different phases of the PLC, and are also introduced to the principles of Logistics Support Analysis (LSA) activities which directly influence development of the ILS/IPS Elements, Support System Constituent Capabilities (SSCC) and the Fundamental Inputs to Capability (FIC) for Materiel programs. LSA topics introduced include: Maintenance Requirements Determination (MRD); Spares Optimisation; Training and Training Support Analysis; Level of Repair Analysis (LORA) and Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA).

Throughout the course the experienced instructors will bring to life the theoretical knowledge with examples and scenarios to ensure students can apply the knowledge to their individual workplace.

While the course is primarily structured and aligned to the Australian Defence Organisation (ADO) policies, the instructors endeavour to relate the learning material to the wider Australian civil industries.


The target audience for this course includes (for both) Contracting and Defence Staff, either new or experienced ILS Personnel – wishing to gain a greater awareness of ILS or to refresh their previous ILS knowledge:

  • Program/Project Managers
  • ILS Managers
  • Engineering Staff
  • Maintenance Staff
  • Supply/Procurement Staff
  • Training and Training Development Staff


The course includes (in no particular order):

  • Introduction to ILS – Why we do it
  • Intro to CASG Activities, including an overview of the Australian Defence Contracting (ASDEFCON) suite
  • The Capability / Product Life Cycle
  • Introduction to the 10 ILS Elements
  • Introduction to DEF(AUST)5691 - Logistics Support Analysis – Defence Standard
  • Introduction to DEF(AUST)5692 – LSA Record Requirements for the ADO
  • Configuration Management
  • Maintenance Requirements Determination (MRD) and how it influences ILS Elements, inclusive of the following:
    • Maintenance – An Overview
    • Principles of Reliability Availability and Maintainability - RAM
    • Functions and Failures
    • Principles of Failure Modes Effect (and Criticality) analysis – FMEA/FMECA
    • Principles of Reliability Centred maintenance – RCM
    • Principles of Maintenance Task Analysis (MTA)
    • Introduction to Level of Repair Analysis (LORA) and LORA Methodologies
    • Principles of Spares Optimisation
  • Introduction to S1000D and DEF(AUST)5630 - Developing S1000D Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP)
  • Codification & Cataloguing
  • Technical Data Management
  • Training and Training Support
  • Life Cycle Costing


The course is conducted over four (4) consecutive days – 0800 to 1630 AEST/AEDT (each day) with scheduled breaks included.

Course Information

LES will conduct the course Online via MS Teams. Meeting invitations and course material will be sent to nominees who have confirmed payments (to LES satisfaction) no later than three days prior to the course commencement date. Courses will be confirmed once minimum course numbers (are met) and all applicable payments are made.

Course Fee: $2,338.00pp (ex-GST)

  • The course fee includes a PDF Student Manual, course material and a certificate of attendance.
  • A Confirmatory Exercise (and assessment) will be issued to you by LES. This is to be completed post course in your own time and returned to LES, and is a requirement for being issued with a course completion Certificate.

Registration Information

Online registration shall close three weeks prior to course commencement date. Please note, registration does not secure a position on the course, payment conditions outlined in ‘Terms and Services’ (to LES satisfaction) secures your position.

  • LES Terms and Services need to be ‘Accepted/agreed to’ prior to submitting course registrations. See link at bottom of registration form, via the ‘Register Now’ button.